среда, 28 марта 2012 г.

Cherry On The Top

           I found this photo of Miroslava Duma in amazing red dress this morning, and i am still under impressions....so i couldn't resist to share it with you
 at Grazia(russia) magazine 5th anniversary

Fashion Riders

I totally love, love, love the idea of riding a bike ! Vintage bikes became "must have" accessory for every fashionista!A lot of fashion blogers, models and celebrities already cycling, because it looks so chic, romantic and of course it's the best way to keep your body in good shape.

Hanneli Mustaparta. Extrim ride in heels :)
Clemence Poesy for UK Glamour 2012

Chic ride shooted by Mr.Newton 
Agyness on her way
                                                                      l'homme et le vélo
                                      Catherine Baba and another fashion perfomance on her bike
 Are you already on a bike? If  NO - than try it!!! Ain't it gorgeous? If YES - wish you an  interesing and safe journey :*

All pfotos used from : Mr. Newton, Glamour.com,  Elle.com, buro24/7, www.hanneli.com