суббота, 2 ноября 2013 г.

Home Work n.4 Bon Apetite!!!

When I saw description of Thursday HW "Cook and post your favorite dish", it was like "..Omg, what to cook? Lasagna? one of my favorite but it takes too much time, then i wanted to bake something, but damn it's too risky :D. So i went to the market and decided to pick vegetables which strike the eye. In few minutes I've got couple of colorful papers, spinach, onion and some pumpkin seeds. And then I saw a clear picture what to do with all this set of ingredients. The last, but the most important what i needed  was lavash, traditional Armenian bread (cracker bread). So guys, sorry, but my dish doesn't has any name or original recipe. So all you need is :
1) to grill papers then chop them
2) a spinach was a basic to my sauce, in which i also put olive oil, basil, pumpkin seeds, some spices + salt.
3)and finally you have to make a roll from lavash (cracker bread) and griller papers+ (just a little) spinach souse inside. I added also some cheese inside, but you can put anything for your tastes. At the end you sprinkle some olive oil and the rest of seeds over the roll and bake it for 15 minutes. And voilà! My unknown dish is ready!

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